7 Kinds of Happiness: Conversations on Design and Emotion
14-16 May



Can designers create happiness?

7 Kinds of Happiness: Conversations on Design and Emotion is a three day talks program of live and skype discussions, each exploring how happiness impacts the practice of leading local and international designers.

Presented during designEX, 7 Kinds of Happiness is made up of seven public conversations including a keynote lecture, panel discussions and a series of skype interviews. The program unpacks questions such as is personal happiness a design problem? Can designers create happiness and what kind of objects and places make us most happy? If happiness becomes a desirable objective for designers, along with sustainability and social responsibility, could we in fact actively create a greater sense of community and belonging and a heightened civic well-being? 7 Kinds of Happiness uses the theme of happiness as a lens for people to talk about what they do.

Curated by Office for Good Design