Strengthening My Ankle

Hardly does anyone think about working heir ankles out. To tell the truth, I did not know that there are exercises that a person can take to strengthen their ankles, but apparently, there are.

Come to think of it, it seems as if there is an exercise for strengthening any part of the body. However, the reason why I am seeking the best means to support my ankle is that I want to get ready for an upcoming contest, and I want to improve my chances of winning. I want to prepare well considering that I suffered an ankle injury some time back.

Here are a few techniques that I am using for strengthening my ankles:

Exercises for flexibility

Group of women doing plantar flexion exercise

What would be the purpose of undertaking flexibility exercises for your ankles? Well, this helps in many things. One, it warms up the muscles and yes, even before you ask it, ankles do have muscles. Another thing is that such exercises also stretch the tendons and ligaments.

When you exercise the ankles this way, you make them more flexible and you increase their range of motion. Before engaging in sport, a run or other intensive workout, make sure you work out your ankles to make them ready for the upcoming task. Some of the flexibility exercises for ankles that you may try include eversion, ankle rolls, inversion and plantar flexion.

Balance exercises for the ankles

Believe it or not, learning some balance exercises for the ankles is quite a big deal. It is one of the things that you can do so easily at home without the need for any special equipment. What you need to do is to just stand on one leg for 30 seconds, put it down, stand on the other leg for the same amount of time and so forth. If you can do more than that, play with your partner. Stand on one leg and toss them a ball on one foot. You may then do the same with the other leg.

In case you are wondering how balance exercises for the ankles help you, well, they are pretty important. For example, they enhance the connection between your brain and your ankles. That way, you can even place your leg safely on any place without having to look at what you are stepping on. People who do these forms of ankle exercises are not likely to suffer twisted ankles and so forth.

Strength training

Young lady in squat position

This is where the buck stops. If you have strong ankles, you can be able to engage in the balance and flexibility exercises. Thus, you should start with the strength exercises. They are easy to do and you should not spend too much time on them.

Try things such as bounding. This helps in conditioning your ankles in such a way that you can handle anything that comes along, even when engaging in activities that could cause ankle injuries. Calf raises, squat jumps and scissor hops also help a lot. You can find videos on how to do these exercises on YouTube.

Keep My Ankle Safe

We are holding a basketball contest in a nearby school soon, and I cannot wait for it. I love this game and I have been preparing intensely. I already have my basketball gear in preparation for the big day, almost everything that I need. However, I am yet to order my ankle braces. I need them because over the time I have been playing this game, I have seen some nasty injuries.

Ankle sprains are the most common injuries that happen on the basketball court. In case of serious injuries, one can get a fractured ankle bone. There are many ankle-strengthening exercises, but the best prevention is buying the best ankle brace for basketball. Read this review for more details:

Basketball ankle braces come in different varieties. They usually come in styles such as ankle support with straps, laced-up braces and ankle sleeves. Each of these brace styles offers different benefits like comfort, different protection levels, and flexibility.

When choosing a brace, you must consider a few important things. One of them is comfort, which ultimately means that the fit must be good. The brace must be easy to wear with your shoes and still allow you to move with agility and speed.

Although it is not very important, you may consider looking for a bilateral brace, one that you can wear on any foot. Consider the ease of maintenance, cleaning and drying the brace before storage.

Here are the two braces that I have decided to buy:

ASO Brace from Med Spec

ASO Brace from Med Spec

ASO is without doubt one of the best ankle braces for playing basketball. It is suitable for all players thanks to its usability, comfort and the well-balanced weight.

If you have had an ankle injury and you recovered, you know you cannot get on that court without a good brace. This one will help you with the recovery process as well as protection from ankle injury itself.

This ASO brace is made of nylon and cotton. It is thus a bit breathable if that matters to you. One other thing that you will love about this brace is that you do not waste time figuring out which one goes on what foot if you have two of the braces.

It is designed in a bilateral design so that it can fit on whichever foot. However, note that they are not sold as a pair. You have to buy each individually.


  • The brace is light in weight
  • You can wear it with basketball shoes without struggling
  • Brace can be worn on any leg – left or right
  • Machine-washable
  • Nice cuff closure secures the brace on your foot


  • Not sold as a pair, you have to buy each one

Zamst A2-DX Mens/Womens Sports Ankle Brace

Zamst A2-DX Mens/Womens Sports

Zamst A2-DX is a favorite basketball brace for pros. It has a unique design that makes it good for any basketball player. With good care and maintenance, you know you will not have to buy another one anytime soon. It may be a hassle to keep clean, but it is worth it to try.

Zamst A2-DX is not made in a bilateral design, which means that if you buy one for the left foot, you cannot wear it on the right foot and vice versa. The good thing about this brace is that it is not bulky at all and so you should feel quite comfortable when you have it on your foot. You will also be happy that you can adjust the tightness of the brace, make it fit more tightly or a bit loosely depending on your needs.

The men’s A2-DX can also be used with the best basketball shoes for flat feet. It can be used on all types of feet too and it slides into shoes pretty well.

Check out this page for a list of basketball shoes for flat feet.


  • Good for all types of feet
  • Adjustable tightness is good for you
  • Designed to stop the ankle from rolling outward/inward
  • Available in different sizes for anyone
  • Good to wear with shoes as it slides easily into the shoes
  • Prevents ankle injury and also helps those recovering from an ankle injury
  • Built to last a long time


  • It is not bilateral – cannot be used on any foot
  • Only available black and white colors
  • The cloth part of the brace will start to smell with time

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It’s Good to Have the Right Shoes

I love playing basketball and during my free time, you will always find me at the basketball court. However, with my flat feet, it is a challenge of finding the right shoes for playing basketball. Some of my friends tell me to use just any kind of shoes when I play. What they do not know is that having the right basketball shoes is one of the most important things a player can ever have.

Several things affect the performance of a basketball player, and one of them is the shoes. Having the right pair of shoes gives you good control, mobility and stability on the court. It also makes you feel more confident and courageous.

In the next few minutes, I will explain why it is so important to purchase a pair of basketball shoes if you are a serious player.

Enhanced performance

Playing basketball picture

Basketball shoes come in a design that can help the player perform different moves and styles. Comfort and support is crucial in any kind of sports gear for a great performance.

Basketball shoes provide the player’s feet with the right grip and comfort to help him move and play with ease. This means that a pair of basketball shoes can enhance the overall performance of the player. A good pair makes your feet feel comfortable. The feet will not feel restrained or uneasy while moving around on the court.

Provides ample protection and cushioning

Air Jordan XX8 SE

Basketball is ranked among the top eight sports with the highest risk of injury. It is quite rough with a lot of running, leaping and jumping, not to mention the very close contact. This means that every basketball player needs to protect him or herself first to reduce their chances of being injured while playing.

Basketball shoes are designed with features that provides the player with enough protection, support and cushioning. While running around, or jumping, they are able to absorb the impact hence protecting your feet as well as the spine.

Proper cushioning in the shoes also reduces the stress created on your joints thus making you feel more comfortable. These shoes are also designed with enhanced ankle support, which protects your feet from slipping or sliding while on the move. In addition, they come with the right arch support, which keeps your feet well supported during intense running.

They are cheaper in the long run

Most people hold back from buying basketball shoes because of their high initial cost. Almost all of the good quality basketball shoes are pricey, which makes some players to settle for other kinds of shoes that are not suitable for the game.

However, what many people do not understand is that other shoes might be cheaper initially, but they end making them spend more eventually. Basketball is a tough game, and mostly, the shoes take most of the beating. Thankfully, they are designed to handle the pressure of the game.

Settling on a cheaper pair of shoes that is not designed for basketball will lead to quick wear and tear on the shoes. You will be required to replace the shoes every now and then, which will end up being very expensive. If you are a serious basketball player who is committed to playing the game for a long time, it is advisable that you invest in a good pair of basketball shoes.